the mountain tamers

In The Mountain Tamers I explore the roads and landscapes through northern India, combining the beautiful Himalayas with titles from the BRO warnings that line the roadsides. 


The roads last hundreds of miles and cross some of the highest peaks on earth and through some of the most beautiful scenery. The roads are travelled by many, trucks delivering supplies, tourists motorbiking over the mountains or local busses making the daily 12 hours or more journey to and from towns over the mountains.


Border Roads Associations (BRO) have been building roads throughout the Mountainous scenery throughout the Asian continent and around the Himalayas for decades. They brave the snow in winter to make the roads passable and are continually working on building and maintaining bridges and roads. 


The roads snake around the sides of mountains, up through passes and back down through the valleys - some precariously narrow with barely enough space to overtake. BRO have positioned signs along the roads to help warn of the dangers and to encourage drivers to drive safely and carefully. They are in English and as I travelled along the roads I found the link between the signs and the landscape and interesting juxtaposition.